What is in the paint?

It is a coloured corn starch and talc with non toxic, non irritant pigments and free from heavy metals (manufacturers wording). Further details are available on request.
We clean the site fully afterwards so that it is not left on the ground – professional contractors are brought in to do so. It should wash out with soap from the skin and detergent on clothes.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you like! Please do dress up! Wear one of our t-shirts which you can wear year round to get the word out about the event! Wear your old wedding dress, wear fancy dress! It’s best to wear older clothes although the paint should wash out with detergent.

Can I bring my own paint to The Colour Fun Run?

Please do not bring any of your own paint.

Around the course there will be marshals at the paint stations to cover you in different colour paints. There will also be paint sachets available to buy at the start if you wish to do your own ‘painting’ but please be mindful that any paint needs to be cleaned up so don’t go too far with it! There will be lots on the way around.  

Can I bring my dog?

Oldbury Court is a popular dog walking spot and spectators are welcome to bring their dogs along. No dogs however will be permitted to run the course.

What is the minimum age for entrants?

There is no minimum age but all children under 16 must be accompanied on the run by an adult who is over 18.

Is there a time limit for the race?

There is no time limit for the event and it is not timed although you can time yourself and aim for a personal best if you like! You may complete it as slowly or as fast as you wish. It is all about the fun! The course will not be cleared away until after the last contestant has finished.

What facilities are available at The Colour Fun Run?

On site at Oldbury Court there will be:


Disabled toilet

Baby changing

Food and drink stalls

First aid

Disabled parking

At our event village we will have toilets, including disabled, and food and drink stalls.

Is there parking available and how much will it cost?

There is parking on site at Oldbury Court as well as in surrounding residential roads. This can become limited however so we advise using public transport or car sharing where possible.

Can I bring spectators to the event?

Yes! You can bring as many spectators as you wish. There will be an event village where they can get their faces painted and purchase hot food and drinks. We will have some music playing and a warm up at 10.30.

Is my place refundable or transferable?

We will not refund tickets unless the event is cancelled or rearranged.

As a charity, this event requires a lot of organisation and some costs to put on. Therefore we do not intend to provide a ticket transfer system ourselves as this involves further capacity that we just do not have.

What happens if it rains?

The Colour Fun Run goes ahead whatever the weather, rain or shine, unless it is unsafe to do so. If the weather is forecast to be hot, you can take it slowly and we will have lots of water available to keep runners hydrated! But as we are a charity – do please bring your own and bring your reusable cups!

How much do I need to raise?

There is no minimum but imagine if everyone running raised £250….that could raise over £100,000 for the charity! Ask around everyone you know for whatever they can give.