Go on! Trash it for charity!

Have you got a wedding dress gathering dust in your wardrobe? We have the solution. Wear it one last time and TRASH IT for charity!

You’ll be given FREE entry into The Colour Fun Run and will be given a professional picture to treasure the moment you TRASHED IT… for charity!

“Every bride loves being centre stage on their wedding day, but after that most wedding dresses end up hanging in a wardrobe or they get donated to a charity shop” begins event organiser, Joanne Bamford.

“For a fun-loving bride really wanting to dust off her dress and wear it one last time to TRASH IT, we will capture the moment your dress changes from white to brightly coloured and will give you a professional picture to treasure forever.”

“What better way to do something great with a dress you’ll never wear again and help support a local charity’s fundraising event” ends Jo.

Get in touch if you, or someone you know, would like the chance to trash your dress and twirl your way around the course!

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